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Excel Stage 1 Online

Microsoft Excel Stage 1
Essential Skills

Are you wanting a really good understanding of the essential skills required to become a beyond proficient Level-1 user of Excel? Or maybe you are self taught...or somebody (or many people) have shown you one or two things in Excel, but you know you still have knowledge gaps. Maybe you haven't used Excel in a while and you're in need of a quick refresher.

If any of these sound like you...this course is perfect for you!

Excel Stage 2 Online Course

Microsoft Excel Stage 2
Organising and Analysing Data

Are you sick of doing it the long, hard way? Are you asking yourself, "there has to be an easier, quicker way"? Or maybe you're wanting to take your skills up a couple of notches so that you no longer need to ask for help...or maybe you'd like to polish your skills so that you can go for that dream job! If this sounds like you...this course is perfect for you!

Excel Stage 3 Online Course

Microsoft Excel Stage 3 
Combine, Analyse and Report

Do you find yourself spending way too much time reformatting data before it can be useful? Ever had someone tell you, "you should be using VLOOKUP to do that"? What about Pivot Tables? Have you heard how amazing they are for quickly analysing and reporting on your data? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions...this course is perfect for you!

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Please note, this learning is for Windows for PC only and isn't suitable for the Mac version of Excel

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Excel Stage 1, 2 & 3 Course 'Bundle' deal

Includes Excel Essential Skills - Stage 1 ($247)

Excel Organise and Analyse Data - Stage 2 ($347)

Excel Combine, Analyse and Report - Stage 3 ($347)

12-month subscription 

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