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Working with large tables of data can be overwhelming. Learn the data tools, (along with some tricks and tips) that will help you become super efficient at organising and anlaysing your data!



Dealing with formulas that don't calculate as expected can be challenging (and a bit scary!). Learn how to avoid 'rubbish' calculations and how to fix formulas so that they copy perfectly.



Making updates in several different worksheets or workbooks is time consuming and can lead to errors. Learn tips and tricks to easily update and link data and how to avoid 'gotcha' moments when working with linked data.



When you learn how to read and create Functions you add a new tool-kit to your toolbox! Not only will you save time analysing and updating your data, your confidence will go up a couple of notches!



Create dynamic worksheets that apply formatting automatically as your data changes. Fabulous when you need to include 'alerts' for your readers, e.g. make cells red when on high-alert, green when all is well.



Do you seem to be repeating the same steps over and over, e.g. open a workbook, reset the column widths, delete the same columns and rows, etc, etc? Save time - learn how to record repetitive tasks as a macro!

Take your skills to the next level!

Are you sick of doing it the long, hard way? Are you asking yourself, "there has to be an easier, quicker way"? Or maybe you're wanting to take your skills up a couple of notches so that you no longer need to ask for help...or maybe you'd like to polish your skills so that you can go for that dream job! If this sounds like you...this course is perfect for you!

What You'll Discover in this 6-Part Course:


7+ hours of video learning

Step-by step video tutorials with hands-on, guided exercises, covering only what you need. Not only will you become a proficient level 2 user of Excel, you're also going to learn how to avoid those scary 'gotcha' moments so that you are fully supported after the training!  And if you need assistance during the learning, all you need to do is email and we will be right there to help.


Content that works!

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have done this course have helped hone this learning so that it really works. We know just what you need to know to step-up to the next level of proficiency in Excel. No waffle and no 'technical-speak'.  No wasting your time! And if you aren't 100% happy just let us know and we will happily give you a refund.


Download your support files

Follow along using your workbook, a print copy of the learning, along with file downloads for every exercise we cover together. Use these to practice during the learning,  and to refer to for support after the training.


Gain a Certificate of Completion and  a Certificate of Achievement

Not only will you receive a 'Certificate of Completion', you will have the opportunity to take a friendly quiz to test your new knowledge and gain a 'Certificate of Achievement' to display on your wall and in your resume!

What Others Are Saying:


Manea Collins, Accounts Specialist

"Excellent tutor." Well explained. I understood every step. Awesome work. Thank you!!

Katie Li, HR Manager

"The course has been absolutely brilliant!" Sharyn’s facilitation and teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. Our guys were thrilled about the new skills they learnt and put them into practice straight away.

Blair Elliot, General Manager

Sales and Marketing

"Easy and in layman’s terms"
Sharyn is an awesome presenter.

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