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Are you ready to fast-track your Excel skills to the NEXT LEVEL?

Sick of working the long, hard way and asking yourself, "surely there is an easier, quicker way"?

Or maybe you're wanting to polish your skills to give yourself a professional edge!

If this sounds like you...this course is perfect for you!

Sharyn Baines

Hi, I'm Sharyn Baines,

Certified Microsoft® Office Specialist 

for Excel at Work

Again and again I have people tell me they feel they have the basics of Excel but may not be getting the most out of it and are most likely doing things the long, hard way.

And you know what... in most instances they are right!

Excel offers so many fantastic features to help you work smarter and save time. 

The thing is, how do you know what you don't know. If you don't have someone to guide you through these amazing features, step-by-step, explaining how to use them and how to apply them to your work, how can you fast-track to the next level in Excel?

Sure, there's a lot of free YouTube videos that could possibly help. But most are disjointed, making it hard to follow from a starting point to an end point. What if you miss a key element? A fundamental step that could have a huge impact on your understanding! And well, there are so many options it can be overwhelming.

Even though this type of learning is free you may find yourself wasting a HUGE amount of your precious time trying to join all of the topics together to make sense of the learning.

AND, a lot the teaching doesn't come from people who have worked closely with many, many businesses and hundreds of learners and who possibly don't have the understanding of what you need to truly become proficient. 

That's where I can help.

I've been training Excel for over two decades (I know!)

And it doesn't matter which industry I train for, the size of the business or the job role of the learner, I see time and again how gaining a solid understanding in Excel positively impacts on a person's output, removing stress from their day and seriously improving support to other members of their team.

It's very clear that gaining an understanding in key Excel features (the features I cover in this learning) saves so much time AND improves confidence, output and marketability immensely.

How would you like to fast-track your skills to the NEXT LEVEL in Excel and become confident in the skills required to organise and analyse data while improving your output?


'Excel Organising and Analysing Data - Stage 2'

online course...the NEXT-STEP in becoming a proficient user of Excel!

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Money back guarantee. 12-months access.

Become a confident, proficient user of Excel!

It’s no secret that improving your Excel skills ultimately saves you time and increases your confidence.

Better Excel skills allow you to add a professional edge to your business documentation, and it improves your output, which is always a bonus right?

Additionally, I want to quickly mention the ripple effect. When you can confidently use Excel you can bless others. We see it all of the time. When you know what you’re doing, you work more efficiently, which always has a positive impact right?  And you can pass on to others those little Excel gems of knowledge that save so much time… the gems that I'll share with you in the training.

AND... I think it goes without saying, having Excel skills listed on your resume makes you a sought-after candidate!

Claim your place today

What You'll Discover in this 8-Part Course:

9+ hours of video learning

Includes 70+ step-by-step video tutorials and hands-on guided exercises, covering only what you need. Not only will you become a proficient level 2 user of Excel, you will also learn how to avoid those scary 'gotcha' moments so that you are fully supported after the training!  And if you need assistance during the learning, all you need to do is email and I'll be right there to help.

Content that works!

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have done this course have helped hone this learning so that it really works. I know just what you need to know to have you working confidently in Excel. No waffle and no 'technical-speak'. No wasting your time! And if you complete the training and aren't 100% happy, just let me know and I will happily give you a refund.

Download your support files

You're fully supported on-line and off-line with your workbook, a print copy of the learning, along with file downloads for every exercise we cover together. Use these to practice during the learning,  and to refer to for support after the course.

Gain a Certificate of Completion

Complete the course and receive a 'Certificate of Completion' to display on your wall and in your resume!


Working with large tables of data can be overwhelming. Learn the data tools, (along with some tricks and tips) that will help you become super efficient at organising and anlaysing your data!

Topics Covered

Working with large tables of data

Tips on selecting and moving around data tables

Freezing row and column panes

Making the data fit for purpose

Sorting data basics

Creating multi-level sorts

Automatically insert subtotals into sorted data

Removing Subtotals

Working with multiple Subtotals

Filtering data basics

Filter on blanks or errors

Filter tips and hacks

Filtering using set criteria

Filtering troubleshooting


Dealing with formulas that don't calculate as expected can be challenging (and a bit scary!). Learn how to avoid 'rubbish' calculations and how to fix formulas so that they copy perfectly.

Topics Covered

What to do when formulas don’t calculate as expected

Understanding calculations

Why brackets are important

Copying calculations

Why do formulas copy incorrectly?

Creating an absolute reference

Naming a range

Creating a named range using the Name box

Using named ranges in formulas

Modifying and deleting named ranges

Finding named ranges within a workbook


Making updates in several different worksheets or workbooks is time consuming and can lead to errors. Learn tips and tricks to easily update and link data and how to avoid 'gotcha' moments when working with linked data.

Topics Covered

Tips for working with multiple worksheets

Shortcuts for navigating multiple worksheets

Selecting multiple sheets

Ungrouping sheets

Working with grouped worksheets

Moving and copying worksheets

Linking data between worksheets and workbooks

Linking a range of cells

Finding and identifying linked cells

Open, modify, or break links to a source workbook

Sharing workbooks containing links 

Replace link formulas with values


When you learn how to read and create Excel functions you add a new set of power tools to your toolbox! Not only will you save time analysing and updating your data, your confidence will go up a couple of notches!

Topics Covered

Understanding functions

Inserting a function

Editing and copying a function

IF function

Understanding Nested functions

AND function

OR function

IFERROR function

ISERROR function

SUMIF function

SUMIFS function

COUNTIF function

COUNTIFS function

EDATE function


TODAY and NOW functions


Create dynamic worksheets that apply formatting automatically as your data changes. Fabulous when you need to include 'alerts' for your readers, e.g. make cells red when on high-alert, green when all is well.

Topics Covered

Understand Conditional formatting

Setting a condition with Highlight Cell Rules

Identifying duplicate or unique rows of data

Use the Quick Analysis Tool

Set a condition based on cell content

Create a rule based on a formula

Creating Data Bars and Colour Scales

Applying Icon sets

Managing Conditional Formatting Rules

Clearing Rules


Do you seem to be repeating the same steps over and over, e.g. open a workbook, reset the column widths, delete the same columns and rows, etc, etc? Save time - learn how to record repetitive tasks as a macro!

Topics Covered

Intro to recording macros

Using macros

Opening a macro enabled workbook

Recording a macro

Running a macro

Saving macros

Adding a macro button to the Quick Access toolbar

Absolute or relative macro?

Assigning a macro to a macro button

Copying macros between files

Deleting a macro stored in the active workbook

Deleting a macro stored in the Personal Macro workbook


When you share an Excel file with others you may want to protect your file to prevent it from being changed. In this Bonus module you will learn how to add protection to ensure only those with permission can open, update or modify the file.

Topics Covered

Understanding why you should protect your work

Unlocking cells

Protecting a worksheet

Protecting a workbook

Adding passwords

Setting a password to open or modify a worksheet

Protecting vs security

  bonus #2

In this BONUS module you will learn the new Microsoft 365 functions that will be super helpful to you at this stage of your learning. If you're a Microsoft 365 subscriber you're going to love this module. If you aren't, you may want to subscribe when you see what's on offer!

Topics Covered

The new Microsoft 365 functions



FILTER using multiple criteria





Understanding SPILL errors

Start working smarter and saving time!

Here's what you WILL experience....

So here’s what you’ll find in your 'Excel Organising and Analysing Data' learning.

Guidance on topics that are perfect if you are wanting to work smarter and save time in Excel or needing a refresher AND you'll learn how to avoid the many 'gotcha' situations that Excel can deliver. I'm not having you go through that agony!

Here's what you WON'T experience....

Here’s what you won’t get. You won’t find anything that is super advanced or majorly "techie". No fluff, no overwhelm, you will only learn the topics you need at this stage in your learning, without the techie speak. I don’t want that for you. I want to guide you into becoming a confident, super productive user of Microsoft Excel with me offering you practical, straight forward guidance.

"The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have done this course have helped me hone this learning so that it really works!"

What others are saying about the course...

"Excellent tutor"

Well explained. I understood every step. Awesome work. Thank you!!

Manea Collins

Accounts Specialist

"The course has been absolutely brilliant!"

Sharyn’s teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. 

Katie Li HR Manager

"Easy and in layman’s terms"
Sharyn is an awesome presenter.

Blair Elliot 
General Manager

Sales and Marketing

Here's what I've put together for you...

Guidance and support from me

Register today and I'll be sending you an email with your login details and instruction on how to get started straight away.  

AND if you need help at any time I'm only an email away. I'm all about relationships, so reach out and let me know where you are at currently with Excel and where you want to be.  I want to deliver to you the BEST guidance I can, hassle free... I'm here to help!

Sharyn Baines
Excel workbook

Your Excel Organising and Analysing Data Workbook

It's no secret that we often need to refer back to our notes when steps are a little more complex, right?

When I'm learning something new I'm a prolific note-taker! 

That's why I've created a step-by-step workbook for you. It's a copy of the online learning in print form, with comprehensive notes, screen-shots, shortcuts and tips already created for you.

Just download and use it to cross-reference as you follow along with the training. Excellent for offline reference too. Keep a copy in your laptop bag or drawer at work. I had one lady tell me she kept a copy in her car, just so that she knew it was always handy!

Bite-sized sessions that fit into your schedule

No having to drive to a course, find parking and then sit in a room for 6 hours (or more). Make this learning fit into your schedule. No having to worry about being late to pick up the kids, sitting in traffic, or losing a full day at work.

Perfect if you're...

  • super busy
  • live out of town and can't get to workshops
  • don't want the hassle of travelling to a workshop
  • are a 'Soloprenuer' and don't have the time to be away from your business for a full day of learning
Excel online course
Excel Online Certificate

Your Certifcate of Completion

Once you’ve completed the learning you certainly deserve acknowledgement for your hard work so go ahead and print your Certificate of Completion to pop on your wall or in your resume.

Frequently asked Questions:

QUESTION #1: How  much time will this take?

QUESTION #2: How quickly can I get started?

QUESTION #3: What software and hardware do I need?

QUESTION #4: Is there a guarantee this training will work for me?

QUESTION #5: How long do I have access to the training?

QUESTION #6: Can't you get this type of training for free on YouTube?

QUESTION #7: Is there support as I go through the course?

QUESTION #8: What if I subscribe and find the course isn't for me?

QUESTION #9: Is this training suitable for the Mac version of Excel?

QUESTION #11: What age is this appropriate for?

QUESTION #12: Are the certificates endorsed by Microsoft?

QUESTION #13: I have other questions. How do I reach you?

Sharyn Baines

Meet your trainer, Sharyn Baines

Sharyn has been training Microsoft applications for over two decades. She became the first certified Microsoft® MOUS Authorised Instructor in New Zealand, is endorsed by Microsoft® as a qualified Microsoft® Office Specialist and is a member of the Microsoft® Certified Trainer Alumni.

Her unique approach to taking the “techie-speak” out of technology training has placed her as a preferred supplier to many of New Zealand’s leading organisations and Excel facilitator for Excel workshops delivered on behalf of the Auckland Business Chamber (Chamber of Commerce).

"Really helpful"

Sharyn was awesome.

Really helpful and knowledgeable. This is really going to help me with my work!

Samantha Irvine

HR Coordinator

"Invaluable Course" 

This is an invaluable course for anyone new to Excel.

I highly recommend Sharyn.

Candice Murphy Manager

"Your training style is wonderful"
Your training style is wonderful, and even the members of the team who probably considered themselves as capable Excel users had their minds blown a number of times.. which is awesome!

Craig Williams
National Sales Manager

  • New Zealand (NZD)

  • currency Converter

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All resources supplied within the training are yours to keep forever.

*Price is in New Zealand dollars and is exclusive of Goods and Services tax.

If you are wanting to subscribe multiple people to this course or require a GST invoice to be supplied prior to enrollment, please contact us at ask@excelatwork.co.nz

Please note, this learning is for Windows for PC only and isn't suitable for the Mac version of Excel

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Sharyn Baines

Thanks for visiting this page! 

If you're still on the fence and still have questions, please email me at ask@excelatwork.co.nz.

I'd love to hear from you!

BUT, if you're ready to save time, work smarter and improve your understanding of Excel, sign-up now and claim your spot inside the learning.

And I look forward to connecting with you real soon!


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